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Philippines Amends Public Service Act, Limits the Definition of “Public Utility” and Lifts Foreign Equity Restrictions on Various Industries
  • DFDL Philippines
April 05 2022

The Act amending the "Public Service Act” was signed into law on 21 March 2022, and encourages private enterprise and expands the base of investment in the country, with the goal of providing efficient, reliable, and affordable services to all.

Vietnam: Changes to the Law on Electricity
  • DFDL Vietnam
April 02 2022

The new Law on amending and supplementing No. 03/2022/QH15 took effect on 1 March 2022. The New Law provides changes to nine current laws, which includes the Law on Electricity 28/2004/QH11, as amended from time to time.

Cambodia: VAT Registration Deadline for Non-Resident E-Commerce Providers is 31 March 2022
  • DFDL Cambodia
April 01 2022

The 31st of March is the deadline for non-resident e-commerce providers to register for value-added tax (“VAT”) in Cambodia. This update discusses some important points that non-resident e-commerce providers should consider in determining whether the VAT registration deadline applies to them.

Cambodia: Incentives for Voluntary Disclosures
  • DFDL Cambodia
April 01 2022

The introduction of Prakas 217 MEF.P (“Prakas 217”), which was issued by the Ministry of Economy and Finance in March 2022, provides incentives to taxpayers who wish to make voluntary declarations with the GDT.

Vietnam: Can a foreign company retain a Vietnamese person as a service provider, not an employee?
  • Venture North Law Firm
April 01 2022

Vietnamese law has no clear-cut distinction between an employment relationship and a commercial relationship, service agreement, thus individuals can be service providers.

Vietnam Updates From ADK - Vol. 38: Contractor shall purchase compulsory insurance for civil liability for third parties
  • ADK Lawyers
March 31 2022

In this update: 1) Guideline on Covid-19 prevention and control associated with entrants, 2) Visa waiver for citizens of 13 countries, and 3) A contractor shall purchase compulsory insurance for civil liability for third parties.

Use of digital signatures in e-financial transactions
  • LNT & Partners
March 25 2022

Digital signatures have become an essential part of the digitisation strategy of the banking sector in Vietnam. Even though the legality of digital signatures has been recognised by Vietnamese law, some risks and obstacles still undermine their use.

Vietnam Weekly Update - 25 March 2022
Cập Nhật Hàng Tuần Việt Nam - 25 Thang 03 2022
  • BLawyers Vietnam
March 25 2022

In this update: 1) Amending, supplementing several regulations on compulsory insurance in construction investment activities, 2) Visa waiver for the foreign nationals; and 3) Summary of articles published in March 2022.

Vietnam Weekly Update - 14 March 2022
Cập Nhật Hàng Tuần Việt Nam - 14 Thang 03 2022
  • BLawyers Vietnam
March 17 2022

In this update: 1) Administrative procedures re foreign exchange operations performed at the one-stop service counter of the State Bank of Vietnam, 2) Amending and supplementing the guidance of the Law on Insurance Business and regulations on compulsory insurance of civil liability of motor vehicle owners.

Vietnam: Amendments and supplements for approving foreign loans under Circular No. 09/2022/TT-BTC
  • Apolat Legal
March 17 2022

In this update: 1) Several amendments and supplements to conditions for approving foreign loans under Circular No. 09/2022/TT-BTC, 2) New regulations on the registration fee under Circular No. 13/2022/TT-BTC.

Republic Act No.11595 Reduces Required Paid-up Capital for Foreign Retail Enterprises to 25M Philippine Pesos
  • DFDL Philippines
March 17 2022

On 10 December 2021, President Rodrigo Duterte signed into law Republic Act No. 11595 which introduced important amendments to the Retail Trade Liberalization Act of 2000.

Some developments relating to the draft Personal Data Protection Decree
  • PwC Legal Vietnam
March 17 2022

On 7 March, the Government issued Resolution 27/NQ-CP as an ‘approval-in-principle’ of key contents of the draft PDPD proposed by the MPS.

Philippines: Republic Act No. 11595 Reduces the Required Paid-up Capital for Foreign Retail Enterprises to Twenty-five Million Philippine Pesos
  • DFDL Philippines
March 13 2022

On 10 December 2021, the Republic Act No. 11595 was passed, introducing important amendments to the Retail Trade Liberalization Act of 2000 (“RTLA”).

Philippines: Amendments to the Foreign Investment Act
  • DFDL Philippines
March 11 2022

On 02 March 2022, the President of the Philippines signed into amendments to the Foreign Investments Act. Among the notable amendments are: 1. The creation of an Inter-Agency Investment Promotion Coordination Committee (“IIPCC”), 2. The introduction of the Foreign Investment Promotion and Marketing Plan (“FIPMP”), and 3. Reserving micro and small domestic market enterprises to Philippine nationals.

Vietnam added to the EU’s “grey list"
  • PwC Legal Vietnam
March 11 2022

On 24th February 2022, the Council of the European Union (“EU Council”) added another 10 countries, including Vietnam, to its grey list, - its list of The grey list of countries deemed by the EU to be co-operative and have committed to reforming their tax rules.

Cambodia: Capital Gains Tax Officially Delayed to 2024
  • DFDL Cambodia
March 09 2022

The General Department of Taxation issued Notification no. 4577 GDT on the 9th of March 2022 which delays the implementation of Prakas 346 on Capital Gains Tax to 1 January 2024.

Vietnam Updates From ADK - Vol. 37: Draft Circular on determining electricity generation prices and power purchase agreement value for solar and wind generation.
  • ADK Lawyers
March 04 2022

In this update: 1) Draft Circular on electricity generation price brackets, determining electricity generation price, and power purchase agreement value, 2) Guideline on determining the HS code for receiving 2% VAT reduction, and the Ministry of Health issued the Circular stipulating the latest maximum payment rates for testing services.

Accommodation Service Business Within An Industrial Zone
  • Venture North Law Firm
March 02 2022

To satisfy the actual demand of those working in industrial zones (IZs), recently, more and more investors are exploring possibility to do the accommodation service business (e.g. hotel, condotel, officetel, …) (Accommodation Business) within IZs.

Vietnam Weekly Update - 28 February 2022
Cập Nhật Hàng Tuần Việt Nam - 28 Thang 02 2022
  • BLawyers Vietnam
March 01 2022

In this legal update: 1) Guidance on investment supervision and assessment for foreign investment activities in Vietnam; 2) National program on occupational safety and health for the period of 2021 -2025.

Vietnam Signed Social Insurance Agreement With Korea
Bản tin nhanh về pháp luật bảo hiểm
  • KPMG Vietnam
March 01 2022

On 14th December 2021, the Social Insurance Agreement (“the SIA”) between Vietnam and Korea was signed by the Minister of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs (Vietnam) and the Minister of Health and Welfare (Korea) on behalf of the Governments of the two countries


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