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Enhanced obligations for board members of public companies
  • Allens Vietnam
Wednesday, August 01 2012

Key changes to securities laws. Anti-money laundering laws introduced. Increasing regulation of work permits for foreign employees. An overview of the New Labour Code 2012_x000D_

New advertising laws to reflect modern developments
  • Allens Vietnam
Sunday, July 01 2012

An update for the Law on Trade Unions. Protection of copyright and related rights in the internet and telecommunications environments_x000D_ New price control regulations. Corruption crime: regulations and practice. Changes to guidelines to securities investment activities of foreign investors_x000D_

Licensing foreign investment in a 100% local company
  • Allens Vietnam
Friday, June 01 2012

New requirements for construction contractor permits. New information disclosure rules. Plan to reform corporate governance practices. Restructuring Vietnam's credit institutions: will the new Draft Circular achieve the policy goals?_x000D_

Can new solutions reduce difficulties for production and business?
  • Allens Vietnam
Tuesday, May 01 2012

Special lending in cases of insolvency. Heightened accountability for food traders and manufacturers. Credit institution restructuring plan. Law on Minerals - further guidance has arrived. Proposed amendments to forex regulations_x000D_

SBV's war against interest rates
  • Allens Vietnam
Sunday, April 01 2012

Ongoing interest in the basic interest rate. Complications for borrowers. Consolidation of legal instruments. Guidelines on auctions of mineral mining rights. New monetary policies released for the banking sector. The statutory pre-emption right applying to new shares

Entrustment lending activities of credit institutions
  • Allens Vietnam
Thursday, March 01 2012

New regulations for NGOs. Unified regulations on licensing banks. Foreign currency lending. Issuance of shares under par value. Secured transactions update. Draft personal income tax law – a tax payer's disappointment. Case Commentary: Ms Khanh and Mr Ty v Office of Business Registration, Hanoi Department of Planning and Investment_x000D_

The open-end fund
  • Allens Vietnam
Wednesday, February 01 2012

Pilot scheme for VAT refunds. Industrial property and unfair competition in registration of domain names. Tighter restrictions on securities companies. Simplifying the SBV's administrative procedures. Registration of technology transfer and franchising agreements_x000D_

BIDV equitisation to kick off the new year
  • Allens Vietnam
Sunday, January 01 2012

Provision and use of cross-border Insurance services in Vietnam. Vietnam to ban exploration for and export of a number of minerals. New regulations on external audits for banks and non-banking credit institutions. A framework for foreign lending of Vietnamese credit institutions. New regulations on co-financing_x000D_

Anti money-laundering in the real estate sector
  • Allens Vietnam
Thursday, December 01 2011

A competitive electricity market. Registration of mortgages. Liquidation and revocation of licences of credit institutions. An updated financial regime for BOT projects. Consular certification and legalisation. Further changes to the Labour Code. 2011 Financial Development Index

Will the negotiation process for power plant BOT contracts be accelerated?
  • Allens Vietnam
Tuesday, November 01 2011

Foreign employees face strengthened controls. New guidance for representative offices of foreign organisations_x000D_ Protecting the Consumer. Is it necessary?. Get to know us. New legal instruments

Enterprise bonds rules finalised
  • Allens Vietnam
Saturday, October 01 2011

The SBV moves again on gold. Capital accounts – the saga continues. Vietnam's take on providing legal assistance to foreign authorities. Measures for managing foreign employees further strengthened. Debating changes to the land laws. Vietnam slips in 'Doing Business' rankings

The latest on foreigners investing in Vietnam's banks
  • Allens Vietnam
Thursday, September 01 2011

Update on copyright. The messy business of notarisation and legalisation. The SBV is finally 'registration ready' for international bonds. Priority projects identified. The SBV's latest on foreign cash trading for individuals. Higher environment protection fees for miners

A new playing field for equitisations
  • Allens Vietnam
Monday, August 01 2011

Tightening the money-flow. But what happens to the employees?. Making enterprise bonds a more attractive source of capital?. New minimum salaries confirmed. Authorisations – can I just get someone else to act on my behalf?. The Ministry of Construction fights money laundering

New rules for employing foreigners
  • Allens Vietnam
Friday, July 01 2011

Publishing representative offices – regulations at long last. Trending now : offshore listings. Salaries on the rise again. Sugar and rice and all things nice …. Tax exemption for employer paid hospital expenses

Allens announces the appointment of a new partner in Vietnam
  • Allens Vietnam
Wednesday, June 01 2011

New rules for registration of contracts and transactions. More intervention from the SBV. A potential ban on the sale of unfinished houses. Case commentary - Never-ending litigation. Securities trading update. The Civil Proceedings Code gets a revamp. Allens marks International Children's Day_x000D_

The SBV gets serious about strategic investments in State commercial banks
  • Allens Vietnam
Sunday, May 01 2011

Proposed new ban to support VND. Deferred tax … for some. Curtailing the banks' use of gold. Case commentary: cyber-squatters beware. New mining law to come into effect_x000D_ _x000D_ _x000D_

The nitty-gritty of the new Land Use Rights Certificate
  • Allens Vietnam
Friday, April 01 2011

The latest on private placements. And the rates came tumbling down …. New rules for state-ownership levels. Big changes ahead for Vietnam's telecoms industry. Case commentary: will a unilateral letter of guarantee be binding?. New limits on lending in foreign currencies. Allens celebrates Co-operative Alliance with Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu_x000D_ _x000D_

More detail from the Law on Credit Institutions
  • Allens Vietnam
Tuesday, March 01 2011

REITs a reality?. Crackdown on illegal foreign exchange. Government guarantees. New rules, but little change, for the tobacco industry. Tax rules for the insurance industry

Deportation procedures simplified
  • Allens Vietnam
Tuesday, February 01 2011

The latest on land use fees. Case Commentary: Hoang Gia LLC v La Ma LLC. Details on guarantees for SME loans. Raising the bar for auditors. New details for government guaranteed international bonds. Long-awaited clarity for BOT projects

Shareholder impacts of the Credit Institutions Law
  • Allens Vietnam
Saturday, January 01 2011

Changes for the insurance industry. New tax for environmentally 'unfriendly' products. The Securities Law gets a face-lift. A new consumer law to offer more protection. New rules on land and water surface rents


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