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New Regulations on Bank Guarantees for Home Purchases
  • Legal Centrix Vietnam
Wednesday, October 18 2017

New conditions for borrowing non-government guaranteed foreign loans
  • Allens Vietnam
Thursday, May 01 2014

Updates to mining licensing requirements. Conditions for sea shipment and supporting services. New opportunities for purchasers of residential housing. Compulsory training for lawyers introduced

Issue of valuable papers by credit institutions
  • Allens Vietnam
Saturday, March 01 2014

Further guidance on electronic gaming for foreign gamers. Capital accounts becoming more prominent for indirect investors. Implementing details for work permits for foreigners

New Land Law to take effect in July
  • Allens Vietnam
Saturday, February 01 2014

New regulations on the use of foreign exchange within Vietnam. Greater restrictions on cash payments. Further guidance on advertising regulations

New advertising regulations focus on health and medical products
  • Allens Vietnam
Sunday, December 01 2013

Lending by the SBV to refinance credit institutions. New guidance on implementation of the Law on Electricity. Draft Law on Real Estate. Recent tender offers in Vietnam. Client Update: foreign investment in credit institutions

New regulations on registration of government guaranteed foreign loans and international bonds
  • Allens Vietnam
Tuesday, October 01 2013

the draft Law on Land. administrative sanctions for breaches of securities laws. new implementing regulations on anti-money laundering

Draft Decision providing extra legroom for foreign investors on the flight to the Vietnam securities market
  • Allens Vietnam
Sunday, September 01 2013

New procedures for employing foreign workers. New regulations on the operational network of commercial banks. Third party security

New regulations on management of the internet
  • Allens Vietnam
Thursday, August 01 2013

Quality control of construction works. Requirements for mandatory purchase of shares in credit institutions soon to be implemented. Regulations for foreign electronic gamers introduced. New Draft Decree on foreign exchange

Priority system introduced to ease customs procedures
  • Allens Vietnam
Monday, July 01 2013

New tax laws provide more generous incentives for companies in Vietnam. Limited new details emerge on deposit insurance regime. What's in a prospectus?

Stricter control over e-commerce activities
  • Allens Vietnam
Saturday, June 01 2013

Foreign exchange amendments: further change or simply clarification?. New law on VAT expands list of exemptions and delivers tax cuts for social housing. Government introduces labour outsourcing regulations

New regulations for special control of credit institutions
  • Allens Vietnam
Wednesday, May 01 2013

More detailed restrictions on foreign exchange. Revised methods of managing construction quality. Environmental rehabilitation for mining areas. New decree on working hours, rest breaks, safety and hygiene. A new regime for telecom licences

Greater foreign investment in Vietnamese credit institutions
  • Allens Vietnam
Friday, March 01 2013

New rules for establishment of risk reserves. Food advertising restricted in favour of public health. Increased administrative penalties proposed in the securities sector. Draft Decree on Labour Disputes

New decree on development of urban zones
  • Allens Vietnam
Friday, February 01 2013

Further guidance on activities of foreign investors in Vietnam's securities market. Reducing difficulties for the real estate sector. Process established for the transfer of shares in unlisted public companies

SBV eases restrictions on lending in foreign currency
  • Allens Vietnam
Tuesday, January 01 2013

Economic sector and CPC codes - obstacles for business registration. New regulations for fund management companies. Determining and evaluating projects and works of national importance. Draft Decree on Foreign Employees

The MOF issues a circular on enterprise bonds
  • Allens Vietnam
Saturday, December 01 2012

Amendments to the Law on Personal Income Tax. New Decree on trading imported alcohol. Amendments to the Law on Anti-Corruption. Increasing levels of non-cash payment. A series of Draft Decrees on the 2012 Labour Code

Food safety regulations to provide more certainty for consumers
  • Allens Vietnam
Thursday, November 01 2012

Wake-up call?. Tighter grip on the import and export activities of foreign businesses. Broader regulation of State invested enterprises. Advertising or spam?_x000D_

Casino business more of a gamble than ever?
  • Allens Vietnam
Monday, October 01 2012

New regulations on construction permits. Foreign investment in the education sector. More rigorous regulation for bank guarantees. Mortgages of future residential housing: potential changes afoot


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