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Vietnam Weekly Update - 12 May 2022
Cập Nhật Hàng Tuần Việt Nam - 12 Thang 05 2022
  • BLawyers Vietnam
May 12 2022

In this update: 1) Guidance on the implementation of business investment projects, and 2) Frequently asked legal questions category

New Resolution Loosening Employees' Overtime Cap
  • Venture North Law Firm
May 10 2022

To support enterprises to deal with the labor shortage during the Covid-19 pandemic, on 23 March 2022, the Standing Committee of the National Assembly of Vietnam passed Resolution 17 to loosen the overtime limit of employees as compared to the Labor Code 2019.

Sending of notices under VIAC’s rules
  • Venture North Law Firm
May 10 2022

A party to an arbitral proceedings under VIAC’s Rules must send its notice and other submission to VIAC which will then forward the notice and submission to the other parties to the proceeding.

Requirement for contracting parties’ consent in case of de-merger of a Vietnamese company
  • Venture North Law Firm
May 10 2022

In the case of a de-merger of a Vietnamese company, must the remaining company comply with the procedures for transferring contractual rights and obligations under the Civil Code 2015 including obtaining consents from its contracting parties?

Cambodia: Issue of Sub-Decree on the Organization and Functioning of the Competition Commission
  • DFDL Cambodia
May 09 2022

On 17 February 2022, Cambodia issued the Sub-Decree on the Organization and Functioning of the Cambodia Competition Commission. The Sub-Decree provides the structure and function for the Cambodia Competition Commission, the regulatory authority designated under the Law on Competition.

Cambodia: Extended Deadline for Foreign Employee Work Permit Applications Approaching
  • DFDL Cambodia
May 09 2022

On 28 March 2022, the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training issued Notification 011/22 to extend the deadline for foreign employee work permit applications to 31 May 2022 to help foreign employees who are not able to renew or apply for work permit on time in light of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Legal Regulations On Receiving A Non-Refundable Sponsorship By a Subsidiary In Vietnam From Its Foreign Parent Company
  • ADK Lawyers
May 06 2022

The transfer of a non-refundable sponsorship to a subsidiary by its Parent Company is defined as a one-way money transfer, and as a current transaction. This article discusses such sponsorship transactions.

Vietnam: Proposing new regulations on refinancing on the basis of special bonds of credit institutions
  • Apolat Legal
May 04 2022

In this update: 1) Guidance on implementing regulations on increasing overtime, 2) Proposing new regulations on refinancing on the basis of special bonds of credit institutions.

Vietnam Weekly Update - 30 April 2022
Cập Nhật Hàng Tuần Việt Nam - 30 Thang 04 2022
  • BLawyers Vietnam
April 30 2022

In this update: 1) The Corporate Income Tax (“CIT”) policy upon relocation of business head office, 2) Guidance on canceling invoices

Vietnam Legal Updates - Vol. 39: Draft on peer-to-peer lending trial
  • ADK Lawyers
April 30 2022

In this update: 1) Draft on peer-to-peer lending trial, 2) Reduction of environmental protection tax rates for petrol, oil and grease, and 3) Increase the number of overtime working hours in the context of Covid-19 pandemic. prevention and control

Circular 24/2022 amending Circular 48/2019 regarding making provisions
  • PwC Legal Vietnam
April 29 2022

On 7 April, the Ministry of Finance issued Circular 24/2022/TT-BTC amending Circular 48/2019 regarding the provision for devaluation in investment in government bonds, municipal bonds and government-guaranteed bonds. Circular 24/2022 takes effect from 25 May 2022.

Myanmar: Deadline Nears for Companies and Non-profits to Register for Tax ID Number
  • DFDL Myanmar
April 21 2022

The Ministry of Planning and Finance issued Notification 20/2022 on 31 March 2022 reiterating that companies and non-profit organizations were required to obtain a Taxpayer Identification Numbers with the Internal Revenue Department.

Toksave - Allens PNG Regulatory Update - April 2022
  • Allens PNG
April 20 2022

This update covers: 1) Strata Title Ownership Scheme passed, 2) Moratorium on Voluntary Carbon Market Projects, and 3) Electricity Regulatory Contract Review – commencement of the review process

Vietnam Weekly Update - 15 April 2022
Cập Nhật Hàng Tuần Việt Nam - 15 Thang 04 2022
  • BLawyers Vietnam
April 18 2022

In this week’s legal update: 1) Overtime hours in 01 year, in 01 month of employees in the context of COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control, socio-economic recovery and development; and 2) New guidance on VAT.

Vietnam Customs and Global Trade Update | March 2022
  • EY Vietnam
April 18 2022

In this update: Proposed amendments on the Law on Export and Import Duty, Guidance on exchanging data from surveillance cameras between Export Processing Enterprise (EPE) and the customs authorities, Amending regulations on the special preferential export tariff and the special preferential import tariff to implement the CPTPP, Implementation under the Vietnam - UK Free Trade Agreement (UKVFTA), and others.

EY Vietnam Tax Alert | Restore immigration policies before COVID-19
  • EY Vietnam
April 08 2022

In this Tax Alert: 1) Retrievement of the immigration policies for foreign travelers same as before applying COVID-19 control measures, 2) Unfreezing visa bilateral and unilateral Vietnam visa exemption, and 3) No quarantine requirements for entry persons who are negative to COVID-19.

New Regulations on the Taxation of Non-Resident E-Commerce and Digital Platform Service Providers
  • DFDL Lao PDR
April 06 2022

Lao PDR is following the regional trend of taxing the activities of non-resident E-Commerce and digital platform service providers. This update provides the key features and our commentary on the Ministry of Finance’s Notification on the Implementation of the Tax Obligations of the E-Commerce and Digital Platform.

Thai PDPA Compliance: Key International Players and Global Platform Service Providers
  • DFDL Thailand
April 06 2022

After nearly two decades in the making, the Personal Data Protection Act was published on May 27, 2019. Ostensibly inspired by the EU General Data Protection Regulation, the PDPA was slated to go fully effective in June 2022 following a two-year delay due to COVID-19 outbreak.

Foreign Investment in Data Center Business in Vietnam
  • DFDL Vietnam
April 06 2022

This alert lists the key licenses, permits, declarations generally needed by a foreign investor (alone or in JV) to set up and operate a data center in Vietnam.

Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) – Data Protection Officer (DPO) in Short
  • DFDL Thailand
April 06 2022

In this Thailand infographic, we outline briefly the role of a Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) and why certain businesses may require to hire one.


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