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Tighter restrictions on profit remittance
  • Allens Vietnam
Wednesday, December 01 2010

Last minute reprieve for banks. Automatic GMS proxies. The latest on foreign employees. New rules for enterprise statistical reporting. More regulation for higher education. Branch dilemmas - when is a branch required?

The end of an era for 'red invoices'
  • Allens Vietnam
Monday, November 01 2010

An amber light for betting business. Lease versus purchase: a trick decision for foreigners. Guidance for the implementation of unemployment insurance. Another year, another increase in minimum salaries. PPP regulations - a pilot program. Vietnam - opportunities and challenges. Case Commentary: Thai Binh Co v Vietnam Forestry Corporation

The new landscape for credit institutions
  • Allens Vietnam
Friday, October 01 2010

New Enterprises Decree - but some old issues remain. Liabilities of company officers, rights of investors. Getting tougher on breaches of industrial property rules. A (final) Circular 13 post-script. Perceptions of corruption - the annual list. Case Commentary: Choongnam Sprinning v E&T Company

Not all sunshine for commercial arbitration
  • Allens Vietnam
Wednesday, September 01 2010

Raising revenue. Another Circular 13 post-script. Capital account revisited: more guidelines but no less confusion. More detail on new real estate development rules. Draft regulations raise concerns for the telecommunications industry. New pricing regulations. Case commentary: Pacific Advertising v BIDV Financial Leasing

More sunshine for commercial arbitration
  • Allens Vietnam
Sunday, August 01 2010

Post script on Circular 13. Securities decrees rewrites. Proposed further amendments to the Law on Securities. A re-vamp of the security registration rules. Proposed new clarification and guidance for the Law on Enterprises. Joint venture considerations – making your investment work for you_x000D_

A bright new day for commercial arbitration
  • Allens Vietnam
Thursday, July 01 2010

But it was signed by the legal representative - surely that's enough?. Food safety - a new, tougher approach. Vietnam goes nuclear. Case commentary: setting aside an arbitral award. Greater regulation in store for credit institutions. New real estate development rules. Liability for directors in corporate insolvency

More details on enterprise registration - but still a lot of holes
  • Allens Vietnam
Tuesday, June 01 2010

Listing foreign companies in Vietnam - a long, hard road. Taxing times for miners. The case against Megastar - one to 'watch' - New tougher rules for bank listings - More rumblings in the great 'pre-payment' debate

Policy into action for SMEs
  • Allens Vietnam
Saturday, May 01 2010

The PM gets strict on priority for local tenders. Further crack-downs on foreign employees. Case Commentary: Vinametric v tax Department of HCMC. New rules for state-funded construction contracts. Policing transfer pricing. Debating the Renminbi in Vietnam

New registration rules - but what has really changed?
  • Allens Vietnam
Thursday, April 01 2010

Tighter bank regulation from the outset. Fiduciaries in Vietnam. More talk on residential development pre-payments. The latest on negotiating interest rates. The SBV takes control of corporate governance for commercial banks. Proposed changes to the Law on Securities. An update on BOT regulation

Who will step in if a bank shows signs of failure?
  • Allens Vietnam
Monday, March 01 2010

Borrower credit ratings - regulations for the industry. Truth in tobacco advertising. Power bills go up - again. Vietnam's State asset management company. More hurdles for foreign employees seeking work permits. Case Commentary: Lafarge Vietnam Co v Cotec Investment and Development Joint Stock Company

Private placements by shareholding companies
  • Allens Vietnam
Monday, February 01 2010

Regulating the merger, consolidation or acquisition of credit institutions. Draft rules implementing the BOT decree. Selecting investors for land use projects. Information disclosure by public and listed companies. More tax relief. Court case commentary - Deep Link Co. Ltd v Viet Hsing Co.

New rules for education
  • Allens Vietnam
Friday, January 01 2010

Proposed changes to the labour code. A strict approach to apartment usage. A new phase for the petroleum sector. Case commentary - Judgment 2007/KDTM-ST dated 18 October 2007. An update on acquiring Vietnamese citizenship. Casinos in Vietnam - the state of play.

Updated Mining Master Plan
  • Allens Vietnam
Tuesday, December 01 2009

Mobile banking and payments services. Doing Business 2010 – the latest rankings. New regulations for BOT, BTO and BT Projects. Details on tax breaks for labour-intensive projects. Legislative calendar for 2010. Apartment service fees. He's making a list, and checking it twice ..... Court case commentary – Duc Thuan Company v Dai Tan Company

Online tax declarations
  • Allens Vietnam
Sunday, November 01 2009

Statutory defect liability periods for developers. The right to defend your reputation in the Vietnamese media. New anti-money laundering regulations. The latest on construction preliminary design approval. Labour law round-up: health and social insurance contributions and minimum salaries. Out with the old land use rights certificates, in with the new. Court case commentary – Viet Thai International Co. Ltd. v Saigon Metropolitan Tower. Co. Ltd.

Use it or lose it
  • Allens Vietnam
Thursday, October 01 2009

Commercial bribery – the ground rules. Arbitration seminar_x000D_ _x000D_ . New state compensation regime. Administrative improvements – new government website. Clarity on tender offer rules. Banks trading on UPCoM. Court case commentary – Ho Thi Thanh Ngoan v Vietnam Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

Liquidated damages – not a sure thing in Vietnam
  • Allens Vietnam
Tuesday, September 01 2009

Who is in control? Differing views on professional advisers. Conditions and qualifications for construction activities. More tax breaks – for some. Expanded operations for foreign-invested tourism operators. Pharmaceutical advertising. Getting tough on foreign employee labour law infringements. Transfer of land PIT loophole closed. Court case commentary – A&B Beverage Ltd v Tran Thi Huong

MPI report card on Vietnam's 5 Year Plan
  • Allens Vietnam
Saturday, August 01 2009

Why having your customs card stamped at the airport can be worth the hassle. What counts towards the '30% rule' in tendering? Another month and more guidance for the trading and distribution sector. Banks face new limits on their use of short-term capital funds. An update on capital accounts. Welcome details on PIT exemptions. Unified advertising regulations for Ho Chi Minh City. Further land regulation changes. Court case commentary - Thu Do II Company Ltd v PT Vindoexim (Indonesia)

More hurdles in the trading and distribution sector
  • Allens Vietnam
Wednesday, July 01 2009

Vietnam accedes to the UN Convention Against Corruption. Can I contribute my housing contract? Compensation in the event of State recovery of land_x000D_ _x000D_ . A rose by any other name.... What the National Assembly did next - update on capital construction and housing law amendments. Governing the banks - a revised regime. Stimulating news for the tourism sector_x000D_ _x000D_ . Court case commentary - Vi Xuan Truong v People's Committee of Bac Giang Province_x000D_ _x000D_

Calculating severance and redundancy allowances in light of unemployment insurance
  • Allens Vietnam
Monday, June 01 2009

Doing business - World Bank rankings for 2009. The National Finance Supervisory Council. Clarification on key personnel registration for foreign enterprises in Ha Chi Minh City.. More foreign investment regulation - but is it any clearer. At last - confirmation of PIT exemption until 30 June 2009. Implementing regulations for foreign residential ownership - one step closer to reality. A sharper knife in the anti-piracy tool box.. Court case commentary - Veil Infrastructure Ltd v. Duc Hanh Construction, 24 August 2006.

Investing abroad - not as easy as you may think
  • Allens Vietnam
Friday, May 01 2009

Too bad if you can't 'bend it like Beckham'. Exploration and exploitation of oil and gas resources in Vietnam - production sharing contracts, farm-out and security for financing. Change in the offing for investment laws. Good news for overseas Vietnamese wanting to buy houses in Vietnam. A new market for unlisted public companies' shares and bonds. Getting tough on insurance business administrative offences. Clarity on foreign ownership limits for non-listed public companies. Court case commentary - Competition Council re the suspension by Vinapco of fuel supply to Jetstar Pacific


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